It only takes
One accident to start a fire

Provider of highest quality and advanced Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Services along with Electronic Low Voltage Equipment in Qatar.

Regency Safety Services & Equipment is the sole distributor of

brand Fire Alarm, FM200 and Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems in Qatar.

We deploy highly advanced technology and equipment to emit signals in order to prevent fire outbreaks as early as possible.

Implementing automatic & manual systems recognized for their efficiency in preventing, controlling, extinguishing, containing and blocking fire in enclosed environment.

An effective approach of containing fire regardless of its location and height, as it disperses dry chemical systems to put out the fire in minimal time.

Synthetic / chemical fire suppression gas adequately extinguishes fire and contains its spreading.

A waterless fire suppressing system that eliminates spreading of fire. 

FM200 Room Integrity test allows us to determine the time frame for the fire suppressing agents to descend to a given level in the room without having to release the agent.

The wet chemical / foam agents work best in cooking environments as they coat the surface of oil, fat or other inflammable substances to contain as well as prevent re-ignition of fire. 

We standardize safety services for our clients by providing exceptional assistance from the planning stage to final acceptance test monitoring.

Standardizing fire safety before anything ignites.

We would like you to see.

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Westbay, Doha, Qatar.

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