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Facilities management helps ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of businesses, buildings, assets, grounds and infrastructure.

Our Services

Hard FM Services

We work to protect built assets by managing and executing maintenance works in a safe and efficient manner with extensive planned preventive maintenance regimes enabling responsiveness when defects occur and reactive when repair services are needed.

Soft FM Services

AAFMQ recognizes that the provision of a competent, responsive and high quality facilities management is essential to meet and exceed today’s varied service expectations. Hence, we raise the bars for the service standards.

Specialized Services

Our expertise in integrated facilities management provides essential and sustainable solutions which can be tailored to client’s unique requirements.

Security Services

We offer a full spectrum of risk management, security and safety services which delivers to a defined scope, time, cost and quality criteria.

Integrated facilities management unifies the delivery of all our facility management expertise and enables us to provide all the benefits of outsourcing – such as efficiency savings and improved performance – whilst ensuring you the same degree of control, commitment and accountability you’d have if you delivered it all in-house.


IFM is the consolidation of facility management efforts under a single, unified team. This includes contracts, vendor partnerships, space management, and real estate planning.


It’s organized and aggregated across the spectrum. IFM brings management tasks, duties, and resources together. Prefer IFM and watch as crucial tasks and processes streamline.


The goal is to reduce and eliminate costs, barriers, mistakes, and redundancies. IFM ensures lower operating costs through consolidation.

One of the acclaimed Facilities Management Service Providers in Qatar

Unlike most facilities management companies, AAFMQ self-deliver the majority of our proposed services allowing us to have full control over the quality of service delivered.

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Our company strives to deliver the best Facilities Management experience and service in Qatar through its experienced personnel people and high end procedures.

We work with you as a partner to align our solution with your own facility management client structure and strategic plans. Together we will determine the needs of your property or estate portfolio and create one team with a shared vision to deliver exceptional services. Establishing a single management team and integrating facility management services, wherever possible, ensures a solution that is cost effective, aligned with your strategic direction and is flexible and interchangeable dependent upon your needs.

Utilizing our specialist facilities management delivery businesses, we self-deliver services through our own teams, rather than through complex supply chains. This provides you with all the advantages of outsourcing whilst simplifying delivery, improving quality and generating further cost efficiencies.

Our clients have access to our own advanced, stat-of-the-art computer aided facilities management (CAFM) management information system. Through this platform you can monitor both our performance and that of your property portfolio.

As market leaders we continue to evolve and develop this platform, most recently introducing mobile technology capabilities. We’re helping our clients to seize the opportunity to make more far-reaching changes to the way they do business, by reducing costs and increasing value.

Our approach is designed to save you money today and make your business more efficient and sustainable for tomorrow.

Al Asmakh Facilities Management, a proud subordinate of Regency Group Holding and a leading Integrated Facilities Management Service provider in Qatar.






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