Regency Group Holding is more than its history, greater than its name. But with unprecedented opportunities for growth, we are a turning point. Each day, we’re committed to pursuing these opportunities for the empowerment of ourselves, our clients, and Qatar.


CEO of Regency Group Holding

The future is open to us. The world’s attention is now on Qatar, as a burgeoning international power capable of establishing a new identity. For its promise to be realized, we must each strive for better, to improve ourselves each day and commit to the highest qualities and international standards.

For Regency to maintain its reputation for quality and excellence, we must be capable of navigating new challenges and remaining versatile and adaptive in our approach. The best solution changes as the world changes. For us to continue providing it, we must change too. Innovation is a never ending process. We are committed to continuing to provide world-class services across Qatar’s hospitality sector and beyond, finding and developing the most talented staff and incorporating the latest technologies to improve our services.

To provide the best – to our clients, partners, and, most importantly, Qatar – we must continually reflect, self-examine, and improve. We take our responsibilities seriously; every day is a new opportunity for growth, inward and outward.

Al Asmakh Facilities Management, a proud subordinate of Regency Group Holding and a leading Integrated Facilities Management Service provider in Qatar.






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