Integration of Technology & Services

Technology is the future of our service industry. Clients, management and ownerships are craving advanced data knowledge and analysis delivered by numerous platforms currently in the market. It is critical though to realize and surely recognize that while espousing new systems is an advancement, it is not always the solution. It is critical to insure that the operation, structure and team are ready and prepared to absorb, assume and practice those upgrades to it full capacity, otherwise a negative effect could be noticeable, defragmented services, miscommunication leading to failed deliverables and therefore defeats purpose.

The liking of oracle, IBM and Microsoft etc.. who are delivering new technological platforms should take in consideration the readiness of the service industry and its capability in implementing and delivering these new technologies as a value add to its clients. Currently the new facilities & assets management platforms are configured to run Artificial intelligence & robotics, while the majority of the FM service industry is still working with basic technological tools at best. Let us be transparent and real!, know where you stand and your existing capabilities, plan your improvement using a transitional methodology, make sure your subject matter expertise is ready to utilize those new tools as an integrated modules and take full advantage of the hefty cost paid yearly.

The major players nowa’ days are going cloud- at basic levels, make sure you have a good reliable, speedy connectivity, otherwise you find yourself working backward on a corrective journey. It would also be beneficial for tech. Companies to launch educational hubs in regions and deploy trainers and technical support teams in countries of sales targets. It it shocking to see those Companies targeting major hubs without even having proper teams on the ground to lead and support what the customers paid and vested in.


Remote assistance can never replace physical presence.

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