Protection beyond visible threats

Regency Security Services under the umbrella of Al Asmakh Facilities Management provider of professional and efficient security solutions. We know what it takes to keep you, your people, and your business safe and secure.
We are proud to say that we are the most trusted and fastest growing security provider in the State of Qatar, delivering service excellence in all our projects for the benefit of our customers, communities and our employees. 



RSS is committed to providing exceptional services by delivering personalized, High Quality and Cost-efficient solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
We are fully licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Interior and QCDD to perform the services as per our portfolio.

Security Guards

We provide exceptionally trained, highly supervised uniformed security personnel to a diverse range of clients across a wide range of sectors, in Qatar. Our security guards are assessed to be in the highest possible standards without compromising laws & regulations.

Safe Guard

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CCTV Operations

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Patrolling Services

Our Patrolling Supervisors available round the clock, to
perform routine random checks and to further support the
Security guards with professionalism and MOI approved
standards of escalating and solving issues, depicting their
10 years of expertise.

Crowd Management

If you are employing security guards for a reputable establishment, such as hotels, you will understand how important it is that they make a good impression on visitors and
guests alike whilst maintaining the level of security that you require. We provide security officers who are trained in the unique dual role of a security guard as well as concierge

HSE Services

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