Support beyond
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Our team of experts working around the clock to serve you the right solution that you require, adhere to your inquiries, resolve your complains and escalate them to the relevant department and reporting without any margin for error.

A centralized Call Center

The historic mission of the call centers has been to serve customers’ needs. Whenever it is related to the property, maintenance, service, leasing and other demands within the banner of Regency Group Holding from Al Asmakh Real Estate Development Company, Beverly Hills Real Estate Investment Company, Ain Khalid Gate and Mesaimeer City.


With the first interaction with the customer or prospect, our primary objectives is to provide good quality customer service and gain customers, address and solve problems in a way that is a win-win situation for the customer and the company. This means listening to the customer, taking the information provided about the problem and finding a solution to replace the product or improve service.


  • Services offered round the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Multilingual agents
  • Customer oriented service
  • Ticket based request management
  • Centralized approach

Al Asmakh Facilities Management, a proud subordinate of Regency Group Holding and a leading Integrated Facilities Management Service provider in Qatar.






Westbay, Doha, Qatar.

Office Opening Hours:
Sat – Thu 8am to 5pm

+974 4405 4155

24/7 Help Desk 
+974 4412 1888

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